Submission history of “China’s Investment Rate: Implications and Data Reliability”



I was invited to present the paper at the 2nd International Conference on Evolving Finance, Trade and Investment in Asia, held at the National University of Singapore, 21 October 2016:

“We would like ask you to present your paper at the conference to be considered for publication in a special issue of Emerging Markets Finance and Trade “Asia’s role in restructuring the global financial system,” which is scheduled to be published in early 2017. Guest editor is Tomoo Kikuchi of National University of Singapore.”


1 November 2016: Submitted paper to Emerging Markets Finance and Trade

30 March 2017: Received editor letter with referee comments: One referee liked it as is, the other wanted a “theoretical framework” [here]

24 May 2017: Submitted revised version: I address all referee comments and explain why there is plenty of theoretical framework in the paper [here]

25 August 2017: Received final decision: Reject because “the theoretical part is still lacking” (???) [here]



29 September 2017: Submitted to Comparative Economic Systems

14 November 2017: Received editor decision: Reject. I don’t see that in the two referee reports. [here]



13 May 2018: Submitted to World Development

5 February 2019: Reject with what I take to be two positive referee reports and a third referee report of 50 words saying "scholarly contributions are not clear if not minimal." [here] I respond to the editor on 14 February 2019 arguing that this statement makes no sense (and never hear back). [here]



22 April 2019: Submitted to Economic Systems

On 30 January 2020, after not having heard back for 9 months, I look for the original email acknowledgment of my submission and then click on a link to the current status of my submission. It turns out that the paper was rejected by the editor on 6 May 2019 [here] yet I never received an email. (I have plenty of emails from the same journal/editor when I was a reviewer just weeks before my submission, with no missing email.)