No Razor's Edge: Reexamining Alwyn Young's Evidence for Increasing Inter-Provincial Trade Barriers in China

Carsten A. Holz


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                This is an earlier version of the paper. The appendices below refer to the most recent version of 14 January 2008.

Appendices (all appendices in one .zip file) January 2008

            Story (2pp.)

            State Council regulations (original text, Chinese) (7pp.)

            Government regulations and protectionism (8pp.)

            U.S. data on cross-state specialization and price dispersion (3pp.)

            Price data (37pp.)

            Labor data (3pp. [if this file refuses to open in Firefox, use a different browser])

            Variance decomposition (6pp.)

            Regression analysis (21pp.)

Data and data manipulations January 2008

             Data files (zip file)

             Explanation of zipped files and additional data sources (3pp.)