Spatial Price Differences in China:
Estimates and Implications

Loren Brandt and Carsten A. Holz

Paper   version:  8 September 2004, 26 November 2005

Supplementary results: data for 1984-2004

Provincial-level basket values (price levels) for 1984-2004

(Excel spreadsheet with 3 worksheets: rural, urban, provincial-level; includes CPIs)


Updated version, extended to 2010:

Provincial-level basket values (price levels) for 1984-2010


Updated version, extended to 2014:

            Provincial-level basket values (price levels) for 1984-2014

            (rural, urban CPIs for 2014 no longer or not yet available)


Updated version, extended to 2018:

            Provincial-level basket values (price levels) for 1984-2018


Updated version, extended to 2022:

            Provincial-level basket values (price levels) for 1984-2022



A.    General

A1. Sources and Types of Price Data

A2. Income Data (explanations and data)

A3. Choice of Base Year (1990)

A4. Considerations in the Derivation of Price Levels for Years Other than 1990

A5. Expenditure Classification Schemes and Imputation Prices

A6. Population Data (explanations and data)

A7. Potential Biases and Shortcomings in Construction of Provincial-level Absolute Prices

A8. Angus Deaton's Alternative Procedure in the Case of India

B.    Rural basket and rural issues

B1. Rural Staples (Grain) Prices and Definition of Staples

B2. Construction of the Rural Living Expenditure Basket
        (accompanies Table 1 in the paper)

B3. Alternative Rural 1990 Basket Values Across Provinces
        based on composite (rather than implicit) prices for staples and housing

B4. Rural Quantities of Consumer Durables

B5. Provincial-level Pricing of the Rural Basket
        (accompanies Table 2)

B6. Adjustment of the Rural CPI

C.    Urban basket

C1. Construction of the Urban Living Expenditure Basket
        (accompanies Table 4)

C2. Provincial-level Pricing of the Urban Basket
        (accompanies Table 5)

C3. Driving Factors of Differences in Urban Price Levels Across Provinces, 1990
        (full Table 6)

D.    Joint basket

D1. Construction of the Joint Basket and Provincial-level Pricing of the Joint Basket
        (including basket table)